The Ultimate Helmet Hanger
$ 25.00

The Ultimate Helmet Hanger

**Hangers ship by December 15, just in time for Holiday delivery!**

The ULTIMATE Helmet Hanger™ keeps your helmet safe when traveling, storing, or anywhere you need to hang it up to dry! The ULTIMATE Helmet Hanger™ was designed and patented by an Oklahoma City cowboy, and is one of those “best-things-since-sliced-bread” items. You can’t imagine all the places you will find to safely hang your helmet. It solves most all of the frustrating “helmet issues.” No more helmets rolling around in the back seat getting scuffed, or falling out onto the floor!

The hanger simply cups the inside of the helmet's crown, while the outside bars keep the helmet from slipping off, without actually gripping it. The rubber coated steel construction adds an extra bit of security, keeping the helmet in place.

Great for when traveling and hanging in the tack room! The hangers can hang from a rod, overhead cabinet handles, drawer pulls, etc. Another great spot to use this hanger is on the pole of the headrest in the car. In that application the hanger holds your helmet horizontally, just behind the seat, in the dead space above and in front of the back seat. Works perfectly!

You can hang other items from The ULTIMATE Helmet Hanger™ at the same time, along with your hat. It’s great for holding ladies’ purses, and even for hanging chaps up and out of the way.