I started this wild journey 5 years ago!

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I started building my dream 5 years ago today; I wanted to grow as a person along with my business--and decided there was no better way than to share a birthday!

I was not sure where I belonged in this industry, or world; but I knew I was ready to start my journey! The craziest part of it all was (and I wish I knew this in the beginning), I could not grow my brand until I took care of myself. I used to have stress manifest itself into physical pain and I was surrounded with few people who believed in me. There is a certain kind of hurt when the person closest to you says "your dream is a joke" and "you're never going to make it"

That was then... this is now.

I made a big decision 3 years ago to remove negativity from my life, and even though recent events with the virus have made times uncertain; one thing is for sure.

MY DREAM IS ALIVE & WELL, many thanks to all the support I have from my "squad" (yes that means YOU)

It is my pleasure to personally invite you to take a look at my site; it may have been months, days, or years since you've last visited... and I would love your feedback on how to make things even better for year 6!

From buying fabric, setting up at nightclubs and art shows... to equestrian trade shows, producing a magazine photoshoot, runway show, and setting up at the NFR: here's just a FEW of the awesome memories we've made together 💖 


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