Team Apparel

Sundial can outfit your squad in standout style! Want to coordinate your apparel for a professional & polished look? Become memorable when you sport your true colors. We would love to work with you to give your team, event or awards that extra spark!

  • All solid colors; shimmer, matte & shiny are available in multiple combinations.
  • We may also be able to create a design similar to what you've seen on our Instagram or Facebook.
  • Our designs are always limited edition meaning you will have a unique style.
  • We can do custom/new patterns but we charge for the time to create them. Please advise us if you plan on having custom work done.
  • Custom logos can be added with sparkle of the logo emblazoned on the back or chest
  • Swarovski and embellishments such as fringe can be added
  • Please give us ample amount of time to complete your order. We require at least 6-8 weeks advance for a batch of team/event apparel.
  • We base our pricing on quantity. 
  • Our spots fill up fast. To book an order we require full payment.
  • We accept checks, PayPal and debit/credit.
If you're interested in receiving a quote please contact the designer direct below or message us on Facebook to hear more.