Our Story

kaitlin lorman

Tell us a little about yourself

Hi everyone my name is Kaitlin and I am the owner/designer of Sundial Show Clothing which is a luxury brand of rodeo/riding apparel. I founded my line in 2015 and I've even taken Sundial to the NFR! Right now I enjoy bringing Sundial to our fans through regular live sales on Facebook. Most recently I was featured by COWGIRL Magazine at the Cowboy Channel studios and The American rodeo as a member of the #COWGIRL30under30 class of 2021.

What inspired you to start your trade/business?

When I was growing up, I was always quite tall and had a lot of fit issues with clothing, which persisted into the show pen as well! I really began to see a need for a different kind of equestrian apparel while showing in the IHSA collegiate circuit. Sundial has found the perfect niche to provide custom, fun and modern designs to the discerning rider who wants to wear something cut from a different cloth!

How has this business changed you and/or family's lives?

Forging my own brand has been the most rewarding and challenging thing in my world, but every day I wake up with a specific purpose and I am so grateful every time I have my first cup of coffee!

Tell us something about your business not many people know

I don’t think many people know that Sundial shirts are limited edition prints, with many of them being 1 of 25 or less.

How does your business impact your community, cowboy or otherwise?

Sundial is made in America which is a big hurrah for U.S. manufacturing. I am so proud to be a domestic, boutique made-to-order brand—which is the most sustainable way to make clothes, with little to no waste!!

What is your favorite product in your line, and why?

Well I am always in love with new projects but my all time favorite design is our Clementine Cut! It is super edgy and a complicated design that I am so proud of.

What is your history within the cowboy community?

I come from a varied background of equine study, growing up in Cleveland, Ohio we have a diverse equestrian community. I always looked forward to our local large-scale events such as the Equine Affaire & AQHA Congress. I completed my Bachelor’s in Business with a minor in Equine Studies from Lake Erie College in 2012 and have been immersed in as many riding disciplines as possible ever since! I am so excited to represent the industry as one of COWGIRL Magazine's 30 women under 30 in the western industry for 2021.

What shows do you typically attend annually?

4 larger events, usually one per quarter and now we have been streaming live sales biweekly on Facebook.

What is your favorite show to attend?

I love any event where I can hang out with the most fans of my brand, which ends up being things like attending the NFR or our Fashion Week runway event in New York.

You find yourself with 1/2 a day of free time, what are you doing?

That doesn’t exist, but I always make time anyway to cook alongside Mr. Sundial and spend plenty of hours with my horses.

Do you have any formal training in your trade?

I’ve been immersed in the horse world for over 25 years, and after completing my Business & Equine degrees I worked for an equestrian & resort wear atelier company for several years before launching my own line.

If you could apprentice under any maker in your field, who would it be and why?

I would love to apprentice under a great print designer like Betsy Johnson or Marc Jacobs!

If your business what a song, what would it be?

These Boots are made for walkin – Nancy Sinatra

Do you like to read or listen to audio books?

I really like listening to Podcasts! I listen to Boutique Chat regularly.