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We source the finest materials throughout the United States to bring you unique, high-fashion designs made with expert craftmanship, right here in the Midwest. We combine standout and fun styles in a lightweight and breathable fabric that is uniquely effective.

Through our co-branding with IntelliSkin, we have developed a uniquely comfortable and supportive product, so you can spend more time enjoying competition with your equine partner. Sundial's "Second Skin" liner garments reduce rider fatigue and enhance posture to prevent injuries and provide peak performance to our athletes.

Sundial's creations are a culmination of the passions and experience of our designer Kaitlin. Growing up as an avid equestrian, and immersed in a family business of luxury brand consignment (with influential brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Judith Leiber, and Hermes) she had always desired to start a line of equestrian-inspired designs.

"I had always been fortunate to be around horses, taking my first lesson when I was 7 years old. I had an amazing trainer, who taught her students the utmost respect and love for the horse. Growing up, it was about bonding with them, and becoming a better rider. It was never about ribbons for me, I didn't show until college."

Kaitlin riding at Findlay University

"I knew that working with horses had to be my destiny! I chose to continue my equestrian education officially, and had many opportunities open up for me during my tenure at Lake Erie."

Showing as a rider for Lake Erie College on their Intercollegiate team in the heart of American Quarter Horse Congress territory, Kaitlin fell in love with a fun styles of the western show pen. She also loved the camaraderie of riding with a team, as there was always somebody around that would "have your back" and build your confidence.

"I wanted the Sundial brand to have the essence of riding on a team. There is so much to focus on...the timing, the patterns, the tack, the grooming, not getting your chaps in the's a lot for one person to tackle on their own! Trust me, I've done it before and I'm sure many of you can relate...showing without a pit crew is near impossible."


By bringing unique elements of high-fashion and equestrian experience, Kaitlin's vision of providing gorgeous and unique apparel while maintaining affordability by using easy-to-match colors and patterns, and providing a fit without the need for custom tailoring has come to fruition.

"The final piece of the puzzle for me was building our relationship with IntelliSkin. I knew that having a coach at horse shows was a luxury I could not always afford. Having a kinesthetic compression garment to remind you to keep your shoulders back, use your core, and bring your chest you more room to remember your pattern and what ring your next class is in! To me, that's priceless."

When Kaitlin is not designing, she spends time riding and showing her rescued horse Dexter.

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