Sundial's Second Skin Posture Support
Sundial's Second Skin Posture Support
Sundial's Second Skin Posture Support
Sundial's Second Skin Posture Support
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$ 140.00

Sundial's Second Skin Posture Support

Sundial Show Clothing has co-branded with IntelliSkin to create a uniquely effective show garment.

"Feel Better, Look Better, Perform Better" with improved posture and alignment!

IntelliSkin is a Human Technology company designing apparel clinically proven to improve posture and alignment. Their compression garments work with your body to create the awareness that enables you to see and feel your posture improve immediately. IntelliSkin works with your body by cuing its natural ability to support itself.

They are made from a technical fabric that conforms to your posture and core muscles like an Intelligent Second Skin. The principles of anatomy combined with high-quality compression created the invention of Smart Compression with PostureCue™ Technology. PostureCue™ mimics the effects of kinesiology taping and instantly switches on the muscles that support your posture and align the spine. The PostureCue™ extends from the back of your IntelliSkin.

Please note, sizing options listed by Sundial Show Clothing are designed to correspond with our garments, and will state different sizing (for example if you select a size M above, we will ship you a size L posture support). This is done on purpose to avoid sizing confusion.

Product details include:

    • CoolCue™ fabric made of ultra-smooth, cooling nylon/spandex for truly comfortable compression and superb ventilation
    • Illusion power mesh posture panels for improved breathability and posture support
    • Full-length zipper allows for ease of putting on and taking off garment
    • 3/4 length compression sleeves-slimming
    • Posture-specific core compression for instant alignment and slimming fit
    • Ergonomic seams and stretch panels let you move naturally
    • 4-way stretch for added comfort
    • Moisture wicking
    • Anti-odor
    • Anti-microbial

Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry.

Made in the USA.