Achieve Extreme Confidence

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For every equestrian

No matter if you are a barrel racer, ranch rider, reiner, or rodeo queen--it is important to always believe in yourself and have faith in your passion. If you're anything like me, that passion is your relationship with your horse. Focus on these 10 simple steps to achieving extreme confidence, and you and your equine partner are sure to sparkle in any pursuit!

1. Visualize success

If you allow yourself to feel pride in what you do, you will achieve more of your goals!

2. Surround yourself with positive people

If someone isn't cheering you on from the sidelines or doesn't respect your dream, they have no place in your life. Live that "CAN DO" attitude!

3. Give yourself plenty of time

This has two points; allow plenty of time
to acclimate to your environment, and never rush into things. Before/during a show, give you and your horse plenty of time to settle in and check out the lay of the land. This will make you both more comfortable!
Also, never rush into a situation you don't feel 100% prepared for... this could cause serious damage to you & your horse's confidence!

4. Ride safely

ALWAYS check your equipment to make sure it is
safe and monitor wear points to avoid tack malfunctions!
Wear whatever equipment makes you & your horse feel
the most comfortable so that you perform the best you can.

5. Practice in your competition gear!

Practice how you perform & perform how you practice! Try to work in a routine time of day that would be similar to a show schedule.

6. Allow for full range of motion

If you or your horse wear something that doesn't quite fit or is restrictive or uncomfortable, you will be unable to give that 100%! That's why our moisture-wicking stretch fabrics are designed to provide a full range of motion to our riders!

7. Look your best, feel your best!

Wear something that makes you feel fabulous.
One of our biggest mottos is that confidence is key!
Making you look and feel your best is our highest ambition.


8. Remember to breathe

Look at you, you've made it! All of your preparation has gotten you to this point! Don't allow yourself to get caught up in little things. If you have done your "homework" ... then just smile and show off girl!!!!

9. Learn from every experience

You can never anticipate everything... but at least next time you know to cover that base! Remember to reward yourself & your horse for your accomplishments. Be happy with baby steps!

10. Use tools of the trade

There are people and products out there to help you, don't be at a disadvantage. Attend a clinic, try a new brand, give yourself an edge... YOU DESERVE IT!

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