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As our show seasons begin, it is time to find that perfect "bling" to bring us confidence in the show pen! We are proud to be part of GoHorseShow's April Fashion Issue and love the content that Robyn has shared with fellow exhibitors in the realm of personal style. I wanted to take a minute to reflect and share some of our favorite take-aways from this fantastic issue!

"Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly--style is forever" - Ralph Lauren

When hand-picking our designer threads from all over the US, I look for a certain eye-catching appeal that "stands out" to me among the sea of fabric bolts that stack floor to ceiling in these tiny boutiques. To me, these fabrics have their own personalities...and I have plans to match them to yours!

You perform your best when you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. When I show, my biggest obstacle is my anxiety. I always forget to breathe! By looking and feeling your best, you can focus on competing with your equine partner and giving them the best ride possible.

You spend tireless hours preparing for your shows and as us amateurs know...there is a lot of coordination and cost involved with competition! Some of us are lucky enough to have a horse show hand, others like myself, are not! So keeping that in mind, I want to emphasize the following points:

Our clothes are comfortable to wear. You will not be weighed down by heavy layers of fabrics or a thick jacket. Your range of motion will not be limited because you are worried about damaging your garment or restricted by over-design. All of our designs are also fully washable!

For our limited edition tops, I only use fabrics that have a very luxurious feel on the body and will conform to your perfect fit. Sundial expertly tailored designs have generous length and flattering princess seams...they do not require alterations and even if you change your body measurements throughout the show season, your garment will always look polished and made just for you, for any event!

We use genuine Swarovski crystals and hand-stone each creation to order. These are hands down the bling-iest of them all! When shopping always consider your "bang" for your buck... they really make a world of difference (you get what you pay for)! I guarantee when you unbox your Sundial shirt, the sparkle will be out of this world.

Form follows function is a principle that the design of an object should be primarily based on its intended function or purpose. When considering your show apparel, you can not overlook the importance of how it will affect your performance...physically, mentally, and financially. It is easy to be distracted by trends in the show pen...but at the end of the day, you are being judged on your posture, body position, and countless hours of training and preparation. The performance in the ring is truly about expressing yourself and you relationship with your four-hooved best friend.

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