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Recently a friend of mine (let’s call her Sara) expressed that she was struggling with something. A while ago she had a negative experience with a trainer that left her feeling like a inadequate rider. 

Even though a year had passed, Sara was still struggling to let go of this trainer, hoping to eventually feel validated in her riding. 
Does she keep working with this trainer, or does she let the negativity go and move on and find a new trainer who appreciates her goals and wants to see her achieve them?

My advice: Move on !!

Accept that you deserve to be surrounded with positivity.

It’s important, as you continue to grow in life, to be aware of the emotional cost of things.

When you spend time stressing and worrying about what other people think or over things that you can’t really do anything about, it’s costing you something in your life--whether you realize it or not. Emotional cost is a real thing, and it can have an even more negative impact on your life and your riding than monetary cost.

Just the other day I found myself spending time talking about something that went wrong because of a simple mess up of a colleague that could have been easily avoided. Instead of accepting it and moving on, I wasted even more of my time and energy (two precious commodities) thinking about it and talking about it to my boyfriend (therefore wasting his time too).

Upon realizing that was the case, I actually felt embarrassed. I said to myself, "Stop. There’s nothing to be done. Move on."

As you can see, this is a practice that we all need to try to get good at. I am still trying to get better at being aware of the emotional costs of things in life. M
y hope is that if you see yourself reflected in this story, you’ll also try to stop and move on. Remind yourself of the emotional cost and save yourself the stress of it all.

We are all justified in finding our own happiness.

What's another way to feel empowered? Treat yourself because YOU DESERVE IT.

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